Embroidery At Its Best Limits for You

Embroidery At Its Best Limits for You

This type of device has the
distinction of making different types of stitches depending on the models.
Usually, this machine is used to perfect the finishes of a work. It also allows
the designer to obtain cleaner and more professional results.

The Best machine

An embroidery machine is made up
of several inserts for thread spools. This machine greatly facilitates the
execution of various sewing tasks. By using it, a fashion designer can easily
overcast, cut or assemble a fabric with complex, solid and aesthetic chain

  • Compared to a standard sewing machine, an embroidery
    device is made up of needles, cutting knives, looper as well as an automatic
    threader. Depending on the model, you can opt for a machine equipped with one
    or two needles which can hold 3 to 5 spools of thread at the same time.
  • The embroidery machine also offers the
    possibility of making 1 to 5 thread embroidery stitches. Each type of stitch
    has its usefulness and its particularities depend on the type of work and
    fabric to be worked. You can choose the best embroidery machine there.

What can this kind of machine do?

The stitches that an embroidery machine offers have various and specific uses. A single embroidery stitch is generally used in work finishes. It allows you to assemble individual pieces end to end. The double stitch is a classic option that most embroidery machines have. This functionality is especially necessary for working the edges of fabrics or for performing finishing hems. It is generally necessary to fix the elasticity and allow the assembly of two parts. The 2-thread embroidery stitch also makes it possible to sew lacing effectively on underwear.

The triple point is used to
decorate the edges of a work. It remains widely used in the assembly of knitted
or woven materials. A 3-thread embroidery stitch also makes it easy to create
tight rolled hems.

The 4-thread embroidery stitch will
however be more practical for sewing on parts that are difficult to reach with
a standard machine. This type of stitch ensures an excellent finish while
preserving the flexibility of the fabric.

Only certain models of embroidery
machines can make 5-thread embroidery stitches. In case you need to make sure
stitches on your works, you will need to acquire an embroidery machine that
offers this option. This type of stitch is composed of a chain stitch made by 2
threads. This stitch is simultaneously accompanied by a triple embroidery
stitch. This association of points is very practical for assembling rigid
fabrics such as denim or to maintain the suppleness of a terry cloth.

The strengths of the embroidery

With an embroidery machine, you
will be able to make multiple stitches on the same work. This type of device
will allow you to make pretty finishes on your clothes. Depending on the
models, your work will be easier and you will save more time.


Some embroidery machines offer
the possibility of making stitches on the edges of your work while cutting the
excess fabric in one go. Added to this is the speed of execution that this kind
of device can provide. The most efficient models can create up to 1600 stitches
per minute. These machines are therefore twice as fast as standard sewing