Find the Perfect Backlink Choices Right Here

You must first understand that Google’s algorithms attach great importance to the popularity of a site to define its positioning in the search results pages.

How to evaluate the popularity of a website you will say?

Well Google has its own recipe, kept more or less secret, but what we know is that backlinking plays a major role. Indeed, it seems quite logical to consider that if a site receives many inbound links from other sites it is because it is deemed worthy of interest and trust by a large number of people, so it is popular! Note that other search engines like Bing and Yahoo are no exception to this rule.

If we push the reasoning a little further we suspect that all links are not equal in the eyes of search engines. Google therefore also evaluates the “quality” of the links to your site to know whether it should give them more or less weight. The following are in particular taken into account: the popularity of the site which links to yours as well as the relevance of the context in which your site is mentioned with regard to the content of the landing page of the link. To buy backlinks   you can find the best deals there.

How to get quality backlinks?

When you want to run a backlinking campaign for a page of your site, the first element to take into account is the theme. Priority should be given to obtaining links from sites dealing with the same subject as your page or from similar subjects. We will also favor sites with high PageRank and old sites which have more notoriety in the eyes of search engines.

You will also need to work on the anchor texts of your links, that is to say the clickable text that contains the link. For example, you can use the name of the site, the article or its URL. We can also use keywords from said article. Anchor text alone is not enough, however, today Google seems to consider the semantic context as another important factor. We are interested here in the text that directly surrounds the link to your page. Your link will be perceived as of better quality if this text contains words or phrases that are semantically close to the main keywords on your page.

We offer here a non-exhaustive list of practices used in SEO to generate backlinks to your site:

  • Getting a citation in an article written by a blogger or editorial site: this approach requires soliciting the right writers, some of whom sometimes get paid for their services, but these are usually highly valued links.
  • Publish on directories and press release sites: these are the basics of backlinking, we will favor those with strong PageRank and with a strong thematic proximity as well as generalists.

Use link exchanges:

We link to your site you link to mine, it’s simple and many use this technique, but are careful of consistency between sites and the risk of penalties in the event of excess.

Post comments on forums and blogs: many of these links are “nofollow” but participate in what is called your link profile (see below). We will just mention that in general relevance = persistence so take care of your interventions.