Graphical Games and the Smartest Choices

Graphical Games and the Smartest Choices

It is good to note that in graphical game and with d3d functions, and moreover in most 3d engines, the size of the textures must be powers of 2. For any model, as in any usual game engine, only three types of texture are used, unlike modeling software which goes up to 7 or 8.

For example, for a barrel, a simple cylinder

Follow in order, the texture called diffuse texture, which will be the final skin of the barrel, followed by the texture of BumpMap, which will force the diffuse to be applied on it, and thus give an impression of relief of two bars circling the barrel, then finally the specular, used for the engine of light and reflections, which areas will shine, and which not, the lighter ones are obviously those which shine the most, and those darker the least. Make a visit to website for the best ideas.

These textures were made by Kai, and were originally 512×512 pixels, they were used in my Multideath project.

This is how we would have the rendering, in most 3d game engines, forcing the Bump Map to the maximum. However the textures of Bump Map can have changing standards according to the rendering engine, indeed it is never the same, to know how to make a texture of Bump Map correct compared to the engine refer to the help given with the SDK , there it is up to you to manage, I cannot refer to all the means of doing Bump Mapping.

Finally, here is the rendering:

A bit of philosophy and additional nostalgia

That it was better before, all I have described to you is the task that the graphic designer had a few years ago, and I hope you will perpetuate it, because today we only have ‘in mind to make beautiful graphics and no matter how old memory is, as long as it is beautiful, because we rely on the power of the material which is constantly evolving.

So you must always be up to date, every 6 months have a new PC to be able to play the latest games, gigantic hard disks, extremely fast processors, graphics cards managing the latest fake technologies such as HDR, taken from the Cinema, and totally achievable through an algorithm present in the game and not as a system using an external processor entirely dedicated to this task!

Today our graphic designers, for the most part, do nothing but waste, all that to sell.

We have an extreme loathing for this, and it wouldn’t be bad if in future creations graphic designers, and game designers think more about gameplay rather than the unique beauty of commercial games today.