Great Meal for Your Lovely cat: Easily Available Now

Great Meal for Your Lovely cat: Easily Available Now

Treats are essential for the good development of your cat. They fully participate in the pleasures that you offer him and allow to tighten the emotional bonds between you and him.

But the fact of offering treats to your cat requires to respect some essential instructions, at the risk of endangering his health and / or disturbing his behavior.

Avoid getting your cat to “beg” 

Instinctively, the cat is tempted to come and beg for extra food as soon as you prepare thecat meal in the kitchen or when you are at the table. By giving in to his requests, you get your companion to go beyond his daily food ration, with the risks of overweight that are linked to it.

Spread “human” foods

Most of the time the different members of the family give the house cat table scraps as treats. These are generally pieces of meat or fish (fatty parts), dairy products (which the adult cat does not digest well) and sweets. So many foods contribute at best to unbalance the animal’s diet and at worst to make it sick.

food like by cat

Choose “specific” treats for your cat

The treats specially developed by veterinarians have all the guarantees in terms of vitamin and mineral intake for your cat. Soft or crunchy bites with a variety of flavors allow your companion to be satisfied while avoiding excess.

Combine Treats For Your Cat With Oral Care

There are treats specifically designed to allow your cat to fight against oral problems: gingivitis, bad breath and scaled teeth.

A cat that has been neutered no longer has the same energy needs as a cat that has not undergone this intervention; they are 20 to 30% lower. In addition, castration leads to modifications of the genitourinary system which may promote the formation of stones. This is especially true when using entry-level foods that are poorly balanced in terms of minerals and that do not help acidify the urine enough.

It is therefore essential to give food adapted to the needs of a sterilized cat. Indeed, by continuing to feed your neutered cat in the same way as you feed it before the operation, you run the risk of making it fat quickly. And by choosing poorly adapted foods, you can contribute to the appearance of urinary stones that can degenerate into chronic cystitis or even cause obstruction of the urethra (the consequences of which would be dramatic in the kidneys).

Food for a neutered cat

Change the diet of your neutered cat

Many foods specifically studied for neutered cats are available on the market. Light in fat, rich in fiber (for improving intestinal transit) and good quality protein, they are also well balanced in vitamins and minerals. It is essential that the diet chosen continues to provide all the elements essential to the health of the cat, while reducing their energy density.

Prevent calculations

Foods of insufficient quality (entry and mid-range) contain too many minerals (and in particular magnesium) which favor the appearance of urinary stones. It is therefore important to make the choice for your cat of high quality food. The additional cost that will result will be largely offset by the savings in veterinary care … not to mention the well-being of your companion! It is also essential to ensure that your cat always has a bowl of fresh water. Filling the bladder and regular urination are the best way to prevent stone formation and urinary tract infections.