Greater Opportunities for the Best Boosting Deals

Greater Opportunities for the Best Boosting Deals

At the beginning of the game,
it’s not possible for me to overtake a computer in development. For example, as
soon as we manage to produce four paratroopers and put them in the first
bunker, three zealots and / or eight to ten zerglings already come to me. It is
important for fighting off, of course, but with difficulty. However, it all
depends on the card.

Having started on the island and
surrounded the coast with an air defense ring, you can calmly build and
develop: the enemy will not pass. More complicated on the mainland, here the
key to victory is well-established intelligence. In short, it is difficult only
at the beginning. Having rebuilt the entire base, we are gathering an
ogre-oh-ohm army and, as they say, is done. Now the victim is man. With valorant boosting the winning deals come essential

The second trick:

How to beat a man

This task will be more difficult,
here you will need some really good advice.

Here they are:

Conducted exclusively by earthlings

From all bunkers paratroopers and
flamethrowers are expelled. Ghosts occupy their places: with an increased view,
these specialists shoot farther and harder. Homeless paratroopers are sent to
the front line: in 4-5 cells from each other and from the main line of defense,
cordon off the base around the perimeter. Now they are cannon fodder.

The advantages of the operation
are as follows: casts are one and a half times more effective than ordinary
infantry, and at the same time they cost only 25 units of raw materials more
expensive. In general, the “live perimeter” allows you to:

  1. Increase
    the radius of view around the base.
  2. Delay
    a massive attack for a short while (and the tanks meanwhile).
  3. When
    playing with a computer, take on “massive guerrilla fire”, psi-storm
    (Psionic Storm), disease (Plague), the creation of crawlers (Brooding), etc.
  4. “Living
    perimeter” has established itself well as the use of bloodless (sorry,
    left without housing) paratroopers.

Are they not going to fight, with
a leg from the hut?

Held exclusively by zerg

From the mutalisks (Mutalisk) one
guard hatches, a flock of comicadze avengers (Scourge) is formed. The guard
approaches the enemy base and begins to terrorize it from afar. It is to
destroy the impudent, from under the influence of stationary air defense air
forces rise. The result, I think, is clear. And no one is flying anywhere. But
beware of battlecruisers with Yamato Guns and ground units firing in the air.

Operation Fireworks

Several charged worms (Reaver)
under the cover of a punitive approach the enemy base. And the firework begins.
Beware of detectors and cruisers with Yamato guns. All other air forces safely
close into the curved space.