Greater Solutions for the Perfect Instagram Use

Greater Solutions for the Perfect Instagram Use

An effective way to
add followers on Instagram is to let your followers on other social networks
know that you are also on this platform. Invite them to visit your profile by
sharing your account link. We provide you with some tips to make this successful:

If your profile is
new, make sure you have published content to use this resource, it is
recommended to have 12 publications on average.

Share your best Instagram posts on other

If you have products
for sale you can use discount coupons, promotions and other resources to
attract more followers to your Instagram profile.

Upload content that
can only be found on your Instagram profile, thus encouraging them to follow
you on this social network.

Gain followers on instagram

Invite your followers
on other social networks to visit your Instagram profile.

Use the Instagram stories:

If you want to gain
more Instagram followers you need to use the stories. 45% of the stories
published daily on this platform belong to companies. According to Instagram,
almost one in five stories ends in direct message, which translates into
greater opportunities to gain followers and close sales.

To achieve results with stories, you need to be constant and creative, the content you publish must attract attention, impact and captivate users. To achieve this you can use the elements provided by the platform to improve your photos or videos such as filters, gifts, hashtags, tags, location, among others.

  • For better results,
    look for inspiration, you can turn to other users whose content is attractive
    to you. There are platforms where you can find templates for stories where you
    can edit photos and videos, the vast majority are free and very easy to use.

  • Don’t forget to take
    advantage of featured stories to provide your brand information to new visitors
    and demonstrate why they should follow you.

Make use of relevant Hashtag:

Hashtags are a very
popular tool that allows users to discover related profiles on Instagram and
other social networks. Using them in posts and stories will allow an audience
with the same interests to discover your brand, giving you a greater
opportunity to gain followers. For better instagram viewshave the
best choices now.We share these tips for the correct use of
hashtags on Instagram and what you should avoid:

Use hashtags that are relevant

They must refer to the
photo or video you are posting and be related to your brand. Using relevant hashtags
can position your posts on trend. Keep in mind that if you have less than 5000
followers, using very general or too popular hashtags can cause your posts to
lose sight of potential new followers.

Don’t use too many hashtags

Instagram allows you
to use up to 30 hashtags in a publication, but this does not mean that you did.
The recommended number to use is three to five in biography posts and one in
stories. Excessive use of this tool can backfire, users can take it as a
desperate attempt to get attention or worse, as spam.

Do a search for popular hashtags

Use the search
function within Instagram to find popular hashtags related to your brand and
use them. There are also free applications on the web that will help you find
related hashtags that you can place in the publications you make.