Influence consumer opinion ecommerce image impact consumer opinion

Influence consumer opinion ecommerce image impact consumer opinion

Namely that we
retain 1 negative opinion against 6 positive opinion. Hence there is the
challenge for companies to get good feedback from their customers. Many
companies have lost market share over time following the publication of harmful
notices against them. Note that consumers must also take note of things and not
refer only to a few opinions which may unfortunately be unfounded. You need the
proper reviews

The Media Deals

With the arrival
of these media assimilated to the spokespersons of customers, companies have
revised their customer relations upwards by giving greater importance to them.

  • Consideration of comments,
    greater respect for their promises, whether in terms of product or service,
    consideration of the constraints of their customers more efficient with
    delivery / return, after-sales service, satisfaction questionnaires.
  • Right now it is crucial for
    businesses to manage their customer relationships on the online review front.

The different profiles of comment

As seen in a
previous article, on average 1 in 2 people consider online reviews to be false
and unnecessary.

Regarding the
profile of consumers who scrutinize the various online reviews, no standard
profile stands out. It can be seen that the distribution by sex is almost homogeneous.

Influence opinion consumer ecommerce image
distribution man woman opinion online

  • Whether it is men or women,
    contrary to popular belief, sex does not significantly influence thoughtful
    purchases more than compulsive purchases.
  • It is interesting to see that
    opinions cannot therefore be controlled since any type of client in matters of
    sex is subject to consulting comments online.

However, one
factor comes into consideration: age. Depending on the type of product or
service marketed, the company with a well-defined target must measure the
consultation rate from its potential customers.

Caring for your
e-reputation is essential for today’s merchant. And this first of all involves
giving importance to the opinions left by your customers.


The democratization
and the omnipresence of the Internet in our daily uses have changed customer
consumption habits. Little by little, the image returned by your business on
the web becomes just as important as the one you reflect vis-à-vis the barge in
the street. And the two intersect. A satisfied customer in store will be able
to make it known on the net, and in the other direction, a prospect may decide
to make the trip to your business if he is reassured by the reviews he sees
online. Hence the importance of giving it some time to improve your