Playing Max Payne and More Choices for You Now

Playing Max Payne and More Choices for You Now

It is believed that some of the new advent of Max Payne is much lustier than the resurrection of Diablo. True, unlike the horned villain, Maxim’s fate was somewhat more complicated. The thing is that the forefathers from Remedy are responsible for the continuation, but the criminal affairs of the master from Rockstar. And perhaps the first thing they rolled out to the public was a screenshot of the suddenly balding Max surrounded by a sunny Brazilian favela. The fan community instantly exploded in criticism: “What? Max is bald. Yes you are kidding. What the hell is Brazil? What hash got smoked in there? What kind of mess and chaos? Get your hair back and noir”

Game Relase

The closer the release date of the game was, the less such cries became. But gradually a very strong action movie emerged with excellent directing and extremely cinematic shootings. When you play this game, you can easily choose the LoL Smurfs accounts, they are simply the best options for you.

Therefore, by the time of the release, the adequate majority was interested in only one thing: Rockstar definitely knows how to make great crime fighters but can it make Max Payne? We will devote our today’s review to the answer to this quite logical and correct question.

Max Payne 3

Where is Max without his trademark mysterious smile?

Old robber with sharp bouts of self-pity

The action of the triquel occurs after a fairly noticeable period of time after the end of the second part. The deadline is so noticeable that we find our hero at a glamorous party in Brazil. He drinks and argues that “after five minutes, among these robot people and their house music, you want to either put a bullet in your forehead or get drunk.” And of course, he does not strive to kill himself quickly. Then there comes a full guard, the consequences of which we have to rake for almost fourteen chapters, stuffed with lead and riddled with noir moods.

  • In order not to reveal the plot moves, we will talk about history in general terms. But the general features here are such – at first it seems that we have the most banal criminal drama, but closer to the middle it turns out that everything is not so simple. The finale, if disappointing, is only slightly.

The story itself is almost completely isolated from the events of the previous parts, which will undoubtedly please those who are not familiar with the original dilogy. And this wave is explainable: a new locale – new heroes. Of the old characters, we have only come across references to the deceased wife and daughter, and about Monet, who is Sachs.