The Medical Headwear Use in Every Possible Way

The Medical Headwear Use in Every Possible Way

A medical disposable headwear is
usually not one specific product, this name hides an assortment of slightly
different hats used in medicine (and not only, but mainly by doctors, patients,
nurses and paramedics). Depending on the shape of the headwear, as well as on
the preferences of the manufacturer, and the pharmacy that sells the chain, it
can be called: Beret, Charlotte, and headwear.

Beret hat

This type is made of spunbond
lint-free foam material. They are made for use both in protecting hair and
under conditions requiring sterility. The main function, however, is to protect
the hair from the suggestiveness of the surrounding atmosphere, but along with
this, the space around is protected not only from the hair, but also from small
particles that can spread from the scalp (and skin). They are used in medical
facilities in order to comply with the established rules of hygiene standards.
But no less widely they are used in various non-medical sectors.

The beret headwear has a
universal format that provides comfort to both owners of curly and even long
hair, men and women. A beret headwear can have the following properties: it can
be waterproof, always non-toxic, in some versions it is resistant to acids, in
the simplest version it is well breathable, and the vast majority is
hypoallergenic. You can buy medical headwear online and have your
requirements answered.

Characteristics of medical headwears

There is an elastic band due to
which the product is firmly fixed on the head. After prolonged use, the gum
should not leave marks on the skin.

  • Spunbond technology is used to produce matter itself.
  • Be sure to guarantee the absence of any precipitation and irritation when worn.
  • The material does not absorb moisture.
  • It has good breathability.
  • After use, no material elements remain on the skin and hair, as It is lint-free and non-woven.
  • It is convenient to store and transport, because in a packaged form it is as compact as possible.
  • The product can be any color. The most popular hats are in blue, green and white.

You can buy a beret hat in all
pharmacies in Yekaterinburg, without exception.

Charlotte hat

For its manufacture, 100%
polypropylene non-woven lint-free material is used, there is a double elastic
band. It has excellent breathability, while it has dustproof properties. The
material does not cause allergies. Reliably interferes with mechanical
pollution. Regardless of the manufacturer, this model of hats is very
lightweight and this property does not take away its quality characteristics
and ease of use.

Density from 14 to 18 grams / sq.
Meter, strip width (if folded) approx. 25 mm, diameter (when to straighten) 53
cm. Such headwears come in pharmacies in packages of 50 or 100 pieces, but on
an industrial scale come in boxes of one thousand or two thousand headwears.

Disposable Medical Headwear

This hat is intended for the
doctor, it is also, like the two previous ones, made of non-woven material, but
equipped with ties. The headwear is used not only by medical professionals, but
often by cosmetologists, workers in the food industry and many, many other
specialists in various industries. Practical for long-term operation, it
provides a reliable level of protection for health workers and patients in
their environment. This hat comes in high rise and has ties that connect at the
back of the head. The product is very convenient for owners of both long curly
hair and short hairstyles.