The right Click Syringe You Can Choose now

The right Click Syringe You Can Choose now

The click syringe is a real breakthrough in the world of aesthetic injection. Although very easy to use, it is important to know the protocol for using a click syringe in order to use it correctly, that the dose is that expected, and that the result is predictable and reproducible.

Let’s find out the protocol for using a click syringe. They are the medical disposables.

  1. Choose the right click syringe

The very first thing is to choose the right type of click syringe for you. Indeed, depending on the brand of toxin used, as well as its dilution, you must either use a green click syringe or an orange click syringe. For more details, we invite you to read our toxin brand / dilution table to find out which syringe to use.

  1. Take the syringe out of its blister pack

After choosing the right model of click syringe to use based on the brand of your toxin and its dilution, you should take the click syringe out of its blister pack. The click syringe is delivered sterile, handle it in such a way as to preserve its condition.

  1. Unlock the piston

Once the click syringe is out of its blister pack, make sure that the plunger is “free” by lowering the lever to put it in “free moving” mode. By default, the plunger position is “locked” when you take the syringe out of its packaging.

  1. Choose the injection unit

Choosing the injection unit is a snap with a click syringe. The latter is equipped with a piston with three faces. One black side, one green side and one blue side, just turn the plunger for the desired face to be used.

Here is what it looks like in practice:

By turning the piston, you can choose your injection unit, very simply.

Here is what we can obtain, depending on the side chosen, for a green click needle:

And for an orange click needle:

Collecting the toxin

Sampling the toxin is strictly the same as with a conventional syringe. However, do not forget to unblock the piston beforehand as we have seen in step 3.

In position to “click”

After choosing the right click syringe, setting up the plunger correctly and collecting your toxin, all you have to do is reposition the lever in “click” mode. The “click” mode is activated by putting the lever in the down position.

Fit your needle

Click syringes are sold without a needle and cannula. To continue the effect of the click syringe, it is advisable to select a needle or a cannula designed for the injection of toxin such as for example the invisible TSK needles or even the cannulas. Once mounted, you are all set.

On your marks, get set, click

After setting up your click syringe, fit the correct needle or cannula and have taken your toxin, you will be able to move on to the injection stage. As always with a click needle, the result is predictable, reproducible and reassuring. With each click, you will always get the same toxin injection unit.


A major breakthrough for low or very low dose injections, the click syringe is easy to use. Always ensure that the syringe is compatible with the brand and dilution of the toxin used. The use of a click syringe offers real comfort for the practitioner with a very precise result, totally reproducible and the result of which is known in advance!