The Santa and His Letters to You

You are going to write a letter to Santa Claus also known as: Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Baby Jesus, or simply Santa, who makes him enter through your chimney. The first thing you should do is forget whether you behaved well or badly this year; here, the objective is to convince Santa that you are a little angel who deserves all the gifts that you are going to put on the list even one of them!

No matter how old you are, the magic of Christmas and the child that you will carry the rest of your life inside must remain intact! So let’s start with the letter to Santa Claus:

It is important to let Santa know what you want!

Santa is very busy at this time of year and tends to forget certain details; here is some advice from letters from santa for you by making sure you can write precisely what you want.

Santa likes things done in a traditional way.

Forget about emails or text messages. Santa Claus prefers to have your letter written in your handwriting, he loves the traditional way! Make sure you spell your address correctly, you don’t want me to deliver your gifts to the wrong kid!

Be friendly and respectful.

Friendly, respectful language is a great start to showing Santa that you are a role model; It is worth being funny, Santa Claus loves that you make him laugh! Make him feel that you are his friend and that you wait for him full of emotion every end of the year.

Ask about him.

Ask Santa about his family, his health, what was the funniest thing he did during the year, ask him about his reindeer, or his helpers the elves he will appreciate that you care about him and that you don’t think only of you. In the same way, tell Santa what happened with you during the year, he will love to know.

Remember that you are not the only child who is sending a letter to Santa Claus, the space in his sleigh is limited so choose one or two, maximum three of the gifts that you would like, in this way, you and more children can receive their Christmas gift.

Don’t forget to thank Santa for his kindness and generosity.

Thanking Santa for his kindness and generosity is a gesture that will fill him with motivation to continue making you and millions of other children in the world happy every year.

Sign your letter with your name

To finish, sign your letter and add the final touch, make a promise to Santa that you will keep throughout the year, for example keep your room tidy, or how about improving your English so that the next letter you can write in this language?