What the Elliptical Trainer Actually Offers to the Body

What the Elliptical Trainer Actually Offers to the Body

Choosing the right elliptical
trainer means knowing how to select the right bike for your practice objective:
resuming physical activity? Physical maintenance? Re-education ? Sports
preparation? Here is our guide, to fully enjoy the benefits of the practice: a
complete cardio and toning work while remaining gentle on the joints. A visit
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will offer you much support there.

Before Choosing, Here Are The Reasons To Invest

An elliptical trainer is
accessible to everyone and good for the whole family. It is a solid device that
lasts over time. You practice at home, without depending on the weather, all
year long. The elliptical trainer is a complete practice since it combines
cardio training and toning of the upper and lower body. The reproduced movement
is gentle and not traumatic for the joints.

Its advantages:

Getting back in shape: its perfect equipment for regaining good
physical condition and improving performance

Lose weight: the exercise bike helps burn fat. Followed and
accompanied by an adapted diet, it helps to refine the silhouette

Gently working your heart: it improves cardiovascular endurance

Physical preparation: it allows muscle building without risk to the joints

Which Bike For Which Use?

To each his own use! The
elliptical trainer that you should choose depends on the use you will make of
it, in other words, it meets one or more objectives set beforehand. The more
sporty your use , the more the fluidity and amplitude of pedaling will bring
you comfort and performance.

Rehabilitation For Gentle Reinforcement Work

In the context of gentle reinforcement,
rehabilitation the need is for comfort at the expense of performance. Lumbar
comfort is therefore a priority, more than pedaling power. The bikes are
designed to give you a straight back in practice. All ellipticals in the range
will therefore be suitable.

Cardio Practice: Regular Use Or Performance Use (Intensive Training)

For more intense cardio work, for
sports preparation or for “performance” use, the possibility of
changing the practice position will provide both variety and comfort. In this
case, it is advisable to target ellipticals equipped with movable arms and multi-position
fixed handlebars, in addition to a greater pedaling amplitude .

Pay Attention To Your Position

Remember to always keep your back
straight ! A “well-designed” elliptical should ensure this position.
Whether you use the movable arms or the fixed handlebar, this posture allows
you to effectively use the abdominal strap (sheathing), upper and lower body,
and will allow you to practice durably.

What Characteristics For What Benefits?

The Performance

The criteria that determine it are as follows:

Smooth pedaling

Comfortable pedaling is above all smooth pedaling. If wheel weight is one of the elements of this fluidity, it is far from being the only one. Among the elements which contribute directly to the fluidity of pedaling, let us quote the wheel weight , the distribution of the weight on it, the transmission system. Thus, transmission systems have been developed to provide maximum fluidity in use. As a result, a 3.5kg wheel can provide much more comfortable pedaling than a 6kg wheel. Trying the bike is therefore being able to choose the pedaling comfort that will allow you to pedal for a long time .